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jay leno

Jay Leno recently invited Mary Todd and me to a personal dinner in Los Angeles, an invitation that we were baffled to receive but accepted anyways. Even though neither Mary Todd nor myself were fans of his, we figured it would be rude to turn the offer down, and we like to think that we are not rude people like Stonewall Jackson’s family.

We arrived at the restaurant, which admittedly was very nice, a few minutes after Leno apparently had arrived. When we walked through the door he greeted us with a smug smile and told us he had already scoped out the best table in the house. So we followed him into the restaurant, eventually stopping at a table that was occupied by Conan O’Brien. Continue reading


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carlos mencia

Attending an episode of Mind of Mencia has to be one of the oddest experiences I have ever encoutnered.

We arrived at our seats in the front row (I do not trust the back row anymore)* about a half an hour before the show started, as Mary Todd heard there would be pre-show banter that she did not want to miss. This ended up being partially true as Carlos Mencia did get up on stage to talk to the crowd, but I would hardly call what he did banter. Instead of some actual jokes to get the night started on the right foot, he went down the line of members of the front row and insulted each and every one of us.

On second thought, perhaps the word “insulted” would be too much of a compliment and an inaccuracy for what he actually did. Continue reading


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