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New Features and News and Cats!

So, the College of William & Mary radio station’s website, Vinyl Tap, has invited me to humbly state what is uncool on their website from time to time while also reviewing new music that comes into the station. I have graciously accepted!

Anyways, I will now be posting my reviewments on this site as well. I am telling you this so your brains don’t become confused when I write about something that in fact, could be cool. I know, you are probably thinking to yourself, “this is all happening so fast,” or maybe even, “Lincoln, do you think we could slow it down a little, I don’t think I’m ready.” But unfortunately, no, we can not. The train is already at full speed and someone cut the brakes (because that is just how trains work). This is the way it is going to be now.

And now the new cat I promised! (We ended up only having a big enough budget for one, not multiple new cats) Continue reading



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LINCOLN SAYS UNCOOL sleeveless t-shirts


Mary Todd and myself recently made an appearance at a house party down the street. Although most of the party goers were college kids, we felt the need to go as the host, Benjamin Franklin, is such a dear friend of ours. Also, because Benjamin Franklin knows how to throw a “whirley” (is that what the kids are saying these days) party and Mary Todd and I were ready to go a bit CRAZY (well Mary Todd is always crazy but I feel the point still makes sense).

When we arrived, most of the attendees were already wasted, which was fine, but also awkward to navigate around in the attempt to find Benjamin. After about five minutes of searching without any luck, Mary Todd and myself settled on to neighboring barstools at the bar Benjamin had in his basement.

I tried to start up a conversation with Mary Todd about how much Benjamin’s basement had changed since our last visit – for example I did not recall there being scantily dressed twenty somethings doused in glitter and makeup locked up in cages hanging from the ceiling and dancing quite seductively, but who knows I may be wrong – but Mary Todd was in her own world.

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