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New Features and News and Cats!

So, the College of William & Mary radio station’s website, Vinyl Tap, has invited me to humbly state what is uncool on their website from time to time while also reviewing new music that comes into the station. I have graciously accepted!

Anyways, I will now be posting my reviewments on this site as well. I am telling you this so your brains don’t become confused when I write about something that in fact, could be cool. I know, you are probably thinking to yourself, “this is all happening so fast,” or maybe even, “Lincoln, do you think we could slow it down a little, I don’t think I’m ready.” But unfortunately, no, we can not. The train is already at full speed and someone cut the brakes (because that is just how trains work). This is the way it is going to be now.

And now the new cat I promised! (We ended up only having a big enough budget for one, not multiple new cats) Continue reading



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LINCOLN SAYS UNCOOL pre-ripped clothes


Tad’s school recently invited me to come in and give a speech to the student body about the values of honesty. Mary Todd, who had just finished watching a segment of Dr. Phil about how married couples should try spending absolutely all of their time together, read this personal invitation over my shoulder, as she often does, and insisted that she come along as well. Even though she isn’t known as Honest Mary Todd and if I could be quite honest Abe about it, probably wasn’t going to add much to the presentation, I allowed her to accompany me to Tad’s school.

She then rolled around on the floor and sang “Rocket Man” in a continuous loop for forty-five minutes because, if I could be honest Abe about it again, Mary Todd is crazy. Continue reading


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