Reviewment: Grizzly Bear & Beach House Live At the NorVa

From time to time I shall take a break from writing about what is uncool and opinionate about movies, music, & sometimes even other things! Basically, I shall do these whenever it is Mary Todd’s time of the month. That time which happens every month when she forces me to try and be more “hip” with the younger generations and such.

Last night, Beach House opened for Grizzly Bear at the NorVa in Norfolk, Virginia. Mary Todd and I had the pleasure of attending.

Beach House's Victoria Legrand sitting down with a teddy grizzly bear

Beach House's Victoria Legrand sitting down with a teddy grizzly bear

Mary Todd and I were very excited when we got our tickets for Beach House/Grizzly Bear,* as we are both huge fans of both artists. This may be somewhat surprising to faithful readers (there are none, who am I kidding…), as Mary Todd usually is not all that into bands such as Grizzly Bear and rather enjoys the musical stylings of a train screeching to a halt or the sound of a jackhammer bouncing off pavement. But I guess she has made an exception in her usually rigid musical taste (she enjoys the sound of a blender crushing ice, but detests the sound of a blender crushing vegetables) as she has received both bands with open arms into her ears.**

Anyways, we made our way into the crowd just as Beach House was beginning their set. After playing a couple songs from their last album, Devotion, Victoria told the crowd that the next few songs would be new material they had been “working really hard on.”

Now I know that John Wilkes Booth made it seem like it is very easy to blow my mind all those year ago, but allow me to assure you, it is not as easy as it may seem to do such a thing to my mind!

But honestly, the new material Beach House played for us was beyond amazing. Where their last few efforts have always had great orchestral qualities in their songs, the tempo of the songs never really went from the buildup into any sort of climax. But every single one of the new songs they played had orgasms to go around (in the music sense for most of the crowd, in the literal sense for Mary Todd).

I have always been puzzled (since the beginning of time, I promise) why Beach House is not considered in the same class as bands such as Grizzly Bear or Deerhunter or Fleet Foxes as I feel they are more than deserving. But after hearing what they have in store for the future, I am more than positive (3000% positive!) that once their new album is released, whenever this may be, they will no longer be considered second-class indie citizens.

Soon Beach House will be able to enjoy the hospitality of the First Class Lounge whilst they wait

Soon Beach House will be able to enjoy the hospitality of the First Class Indie Lounge whilst they wait

After a fairly short performance, Beach House excused themselves off the stage and cued up Grizzly Bear.

Obviously Grizzly Bear is amazing, so I will not delve into a lengthy description of this fact. Just know that their performance was great and leave it at that. Now on to details.

Going into their performance, I was a bit curious how they were going to introduce their new song, “Slow Life”, they are contributing to the upcoming Apocalypse Soundtrack***as they have been receiving a bit of flak and backlash for doing such a thing. But after calling Victoria back to the stage (she provides backing vocals on the song), Ed Droste announced they would be playing their song from the upcoming Mary Poppins 2 soundtrack, where a very audacious nanny fights the evils of having too much sugar, and therefore won a full pass for their Apocalypse Soundtrack contribution.

Victoria also accompanied Grizzly Bear for “Two Weeks,” which was backed by a beautiful electric-candle light show in the background. Unsurprisingly, Mary Todd orgasmed for this song as well and has actually not stopped since.

grizzly house rating

*Or Beach Bear, or Grizzly House, or Bear House, or Grizzly Beach Bear House, or you get the idea by now!
**Oh The Things That Mary Todd Recieves With Open Arms Into Her Ears is the title of my next children’s book
***The ancient Mayans predicted such a soundtrack would be compiled around this time in history and knew that it would bring about the destruction of the entire world. This is the plot of the upcoming movie 2012


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