Reviewment: Rainbow Arabia’s Kabukimono EP

From time to time I shall take a break from writing about what is uncool and opinionate about movies, music, & sometimes even other things! Basically, I shall do these whenever it is Mary Todd’s time of the month. That time which happens every month when she forces me to try and be more “hip” with the younger generations and such.

Rainbow Arabia recently released their second EP effort, Kabukimono, on Manimal Vinyl Records which released Bat For Lashes first album.


I first encountered this band through a concert they did, that I went to with Mary Todd, with another up-and-coming act who aptly name themselves, The Very Best, and consist of a Malawian singer teamed up with a British electronic duo who cover songs by Vampire Weekend, MIA, and BLK JKS. But this is not a review of The Very Best, so I will stop proclaiming about them and move on to the matter at hand!

When I received this album a few weeks ago, I was fairly excited as I was impressed by their live performance back in the Spring. Right after our local Pony Express ponyman dropped the album off at our humble house, I marched right out to the family horse-and-buggy (cars weren’t invented until 1976, but of course you know this), popped the album into the CD drive, and went on a cruise around the neighborhood. I know, with the depleting ozone and the costly dependence on foreign carrots our nation has, I shouldn’t be taking cruises in the horse-and-buggy just to take cruises, but it’s just so relaxing. Also, I hear we are very close as a nation to growing our own carrots so problem solved, basically!

Anyways, I started to play the album and was immediately enjoying what I was hearing. The first song on the EP is called “Holiday in Congo,” and although I feel it is doubtful this Los Angeles male/female hipster duo has ever actually taken such a holiday, it is still a great song that makes a holiday in Congo seem like fun.*

As a whole, Rainbow Arabia sounds like a less political, more poppish, and more American version of MIA, which as my dear friend Andrew Jackson always says, “As long as the prostitute is not blatantly ripping off another prostitute’s style, the former prostitute is respectable.” Now that quote doesn’t completely fit, but close enough!

Rainbow Arabia certainly has their own sound, and it just so happens that this sound is pretty decent as well.

ra rating

*Which, given the current state of that country, is quite a feat in itself as I feel there isn’t a big enough sadface in the world (maybe in Congo?!) to represent the horrors that must go with “Life in Congo.” Now as I said in the Emancipation Proclamation, “That’s enough of the real talk, now it’s time to dance, dance, dance!” And so we did, all into the night, with not a care in the world.

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